There are some great values out there for Nevada lift tickets. Whether you’re after a quiet afternoon at Lee Canyon or a crazy run down the Chutes at Mt. Rose, there’s a price point to fit your budget. Generally, the most expensive options are the cluster of resorts around Lake Tahoe. Even with the available online discounts, you’ll discover that Bear Valley costs $74/day, Sierra-at-Tahoe costs $63/day, and Homewood costs $39/day. On the Nevada side, you can ski Diamond Peak for $56/day.

Meanwhile, the big name resorts, like Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows, could cost nearly $500 for a 3-Day Lift Ticket, if you fail to take advantage of online discounts for lift tickets. If you’re looking at the Tahoe area, you can also check with California Ski Authority. With this in mind, here is our list of prices for lift tickets in Nevada for the 2017-18 REGULAR SEASON.

Ski Resort 1-Day Adult
Window Rate
3-Day Adult
Window Rate
3-Day Ticket
Lift Ticket Deals
Diamond Peak
$237 $81 View Deals
Lee Canyon
$174 N/A View Deals
Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe
$285 N/A View Deals
Snobowl in Elko County
N/A N/A View Deals

Buying Nevada Lift Tickets

To this point, it’s not just getting a deal on Nevada lift tickets. It’s getting a deal that makes sense for your trip. For some, skiing in Nevada is only one aspect of a larger trip to Lake Tahoe or Las Vegas. For others, the whole point of the trip is an intensive weeklong marathon of all-day skiing. Our ability to find Nevada lift tickets is not limited to just one resort or one type of itinerary. Let us show you how to get online deals, as well as a deal that makes sense for you.

Tips for Saving Money on Nevada Lift Tickets

When you want to save money on lift tickets, the number one tip is to plan ahead. This is like everything else vacation related, from airline tickets to car rentals. The longer you wait to buy, the higher the price you’re going to end up paying. Most resorts in Nevada allow you to buy in advance and get a much better deal than you would at the window. Speaking of the lift ticket window, this is usually the most expensive place to buy your lift tickets. Once you’re at the window, you are less likely to leave the resort to find a better price and the resort knows it.

The Nevada Ski Authority Advantage

All-inclusive packages can make the booking seem easier, but it doesn’t always offer the best price or the right options to personalize your stay. Whether you’re thinking about a day trip or a weeklong vacation, or even if you’re a Nevada resident thinking about season lift tickets for the year, let us help you get the best deals on lift tickets. We consistently update our site to bring you the information you need to get the best deals. From Heavenly to Elko, our pricing will enable you to make an informed decision. Ski-cations are about shredding powder and having fun, not worrying about how much the lift tickets are going to cost.