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The state is mostly famous for Las Vegas and the Mojave Desert, but the skiing in Nevada isn’t going to play second fiddle to anyone. Now with the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range meandering through much of the state, leaving peaks and slopes just right for the skiing. And, again, while many people may think about the triple-digit heat in Las Vegas, an average snowfall of about 200 inches throughout many of the state’s mountain ranges speaks for itself. In many ways, geology and Mother Nature are the best advocates for the skiing in Nevada.

5 Resorts to Choose From

Despite Vegas being surrounded by the Mojave Desert, only a short distance away the foothills of the Sierra Nevada’s begin. The first resort, Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort (LVSSR) starts in the Sierra Nevada foothills. To the west, along Lake Tahoe and the California Border are three other pristine resorts. On the southern shores of the lake is Heavenly. Heavenly actually crosses over into California on some of its runs and its base camp is a twin city arrangement of South Lake Tahoe, CA and Stateline, NV.

On the northern coast of Lake Tahoe are the twin resorts of Mt. Rose and Diamond Peak Ski Resort. Hidden in the northeast corner of the state is a ski resort in the making, Elko Snobowl. While Snobowl is still primarily under construction, new improvements are being made every year. A new terrain park was recently built and should be up for the 2015-2016 season.

What to Know about Skiing Nevada

The temperature difference between Vegas and Reno can be almost twenty degrees in the winter. If you’re taking advantage of cheap Vegas flights and flying there to drive to Reno, pack accordingly. Additionally, most of the resorts in the area do not have lodging on site, instead teaming up with local-area hotels. This can be a way for you to save money when you plan your itinerary. It’s also a way for the resorts to devote more of the precious mountain real estate toward the skiing. Ski and stay packages bundle a lift ticket in with the cost of your room. Yet, it may still be cheaper to stay elsewhere and buy a separate lift ticket, especially if check with us on 20% discount pricing.

Making the Most of Skiing in Nevada

Being frugal with your money when going on ski-cation is important. There are several ways to do this. One of these is to rent your gear in advance before heading to the resort. Another is to take advantage of your in-room refrigerator and store things to make lunches. A sandwich in the pocket is a lot cheaper than paying resort prices. Let us help you with equipment rental and all the booking details of your trip. We can help you get the best deals. We can also do our best to answer any questions you may have about skiing in Nevada.

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